“We give you the
freedom to perform
at your best”

Macbeth Media Relations


Macbeth Media Relations is a specialist media relations company working closely with singers, musicians and composers, as well as promoters of classical music and opera. Based initially in New York, Macbeth Media Relations relocated to London in 1989 where it has built a reputation for consolidating distinctive profiles for its clients.

Our approach


Macbeth Media Relations works in collaboration with a deliberately small roster of international clients, and develops individually tailored strategies matched to their specific goals. Projects, whether long or short term, are approached tactically starting with in-depth research and building towards accurate and sympathetic representation.


What we offer

Our strategies reflect our wide client base and international experience, and take into account business as well as media considerations. Our clients have solid evidence that our composite approach delivers results and can see that a heightened profile leads to greater artistic freedom, improved opportunities, better understanding, and ultimately increased fees.

Working with our clients

Key to our approach is a thorough understanding of our clients’ needs, fanatical attention to detail and a healthy rapport with both clients and the media. The office ethic is both transparent and flexible, and our clients enjoy direct access at all times.

Teamwork for best results

Macbeth Media Relations is a small team, and its genuine commitment to its clients is reflected in the longevity of its relationships. We offer a completely personal and personalised service, in which quality of ideas and execution is paramount. In order to streamline our work and give optimum value to our clients, we ask lots of questions and, rather than measure our work by time spent, we quantify our success by results. We work as a team, and by that we mean that everyone in the office has a connection with every project.