We’re a small and specialized public relations agency based in London

We work in close collaboration with musicians and venues across the international classical music industry. We do not offer management to musicians, nor do we offer marketing to venues. Our forte is to work in tandem with our clients and help them to find their own unique place in the sun. 

Access and trust are paramount to the success of each of our initiatives

With a close eye to future aspirations, the stories that we build are based on thoroughly researched facts as well as past and present cuttings, and schedules. When curating our client stories, we take into account the current media landscape and corroborate continuously with management in order that careers and stories move forward in parallel.

Our relationship with the media spans nearly 30 years

During this time we have worked on a wide-range of stories covered by the national papers, magazines, websites, blogs, radio and television and involving over 2500 journalists. While our strength is the UK media, we have also cooperated on stories in the US, Asia, Australasia and throughout Europe. Our team is multi-cultural and works in Italian, French and Japanese.

We combine forces with international promoters

In addition to the direct relationships we have with the media, we frequently combine forces with international promoters – orchestras, opera companies, festivals and recording labels – to support them in getting to know our artists and to help them achieve the stories that they also need.


We work with a small and high-profile roster of international clients